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Karl May introduced a character named Inn-nu-woh in a story which was published in a magazine named Deutsches Familienblatt in 1875, when he was a young editor in Münchmeyer Publishing, right after he was freed Waldheim prison. The story is about a Native American chief who saved a girl from the attack of a captured tigress which accidentally escaped from it's cage on a boat at Mississipi River.

What makes this Inn-nu-woh unique is that this was the character which would be developed further to become Karl May's most famous character, Winnetou The Apache Chief in a series called Winnetou Trilogy.

The story itself later developed and became the beginning of Der Schatz im Silbersee , which featured two American Indian named Nintropan-hauey (Big Bear) dan Nintropan-homosch (Little Bear) from the Tonkawa tribe. The tigress was changed into a panther.

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